Online Education In America

What are the most popular places for students to earn online degrees in the USA?

According to Federal data, which American universities were most popular according to 2016 academic year enrolments? These are the six first winners.

University of Phoenix-Arizona
Western Governors University
Grand Canyon University
Liberty University
Southern New Hampshire University
Walden University
If you are interested in applying for an online degree in the US there are many options. Both traditional and online universities work hard to provide the best online programs to students. These are just a few examples of distance learning universities you might want to check out:

Online learning is a growing trend in the USA.

According to the Babson Survey Research Group’s “Grade Increase”, the latest statistics on online education in America show that enrollment in online classes increased by more than 5% between fall 2015-2016 compared to the three previous years.

It is interesting to note that more American students choose local online degrees programs. They prefer it because of its flexibility and lower cost. They can easily get to campus, if necessary.

More than 3.2 million students took at least one course online in 2020.

You can take online courses at both public and private universities. Public universities saw the greatest increase in enrollment.

Do you want to pursue an online degree at American universities?

We can identify with statistics about online education in the USA by looking at the profile of typical online students.

Many online students already work. Online students make up 36% of the total workforce.
An average student who goes online is in his thirties. The average distance learner is 32. This means that you can continue your education even if you’re a parent or a professional in the industry.

Graduate students are increasingly interested in online degrees.

If you have an undergraduate degree, it is likely that an online course will be suitable for you.

Around 22% of American graduate students study online. This compares to just 11 percent for undergraduates.

Trends in online education.

U.S. News quotes experts who predict an increase in online students in the United States by 2021. Online programs will incorporate digital technologies into their teaching methods.

There is also pressure to make more courses that teach specific skills for jobs, as a large portion of online students is seeking a career change.

The third reason is that the health-related courses will be completed by the online degree programs. Virtually teaching students how to communicate and interact with patients is now possible.

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