Top 5 Places To Visit In Ujjain

1. Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple: The Main Temple

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Mahakaleshwar temple, positioned in the ancient city of Ujjain inside the country of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the 12 jyotirlingas in India. Committed to lord shiva, the Mahakal Lingam at this temple is assumed to be Swayambhu (self-manifested), acquiring currents of shakti (energy) from within itself.

Mahakaleshwar is likewise one of the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas in India. Another issue that makes Mahakaleshwar one of the maximum revered Jyotirlingas in India is the truth that the Mahakaleshwar idol is Dakshina Mukhi, going through the south, unlike all of the different Jyotirlingas. Considered no less than a Hindu pilgrimage, the Bhasma-aarti of the Mahakaleshwar temple is hugely popular among devotees.

2. Kal Bhairav Temple: A Tantric Cult

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Kal Bhairav temple is situated at the banks of the river Shipra. King Bhadrasen is thought to have built this temple. Bhairav, in line with Hindu mythology, is a manifestation of Lord Shiva.
The sculptures of deities are visible on this temple. It’s miles believed that Kal Bhairav is a protector of travelers. Vacationers who belong to this specific religion offer prayers to Bhairav. The god in this temple is obtainable liquor and therefore liquor bottles in conjunction with different pooja objects are available within the stores nearby.


3. Harsiddhi Temple: Shaktipeeth

Maata Harsiddhi Mandir, Ujjain

You’ll see plenty of Maratha have an effect on here as for a long term this temple turned into in ruins till the Marathas decided to rebuild it. This temple is likewise believed to be one of the Shaktipeethas, which means that goddess Parvati’s elbow fell right here. That is one of the pleasant Ujjain places to visit. The specific part of the temple is that it’s painted completely pink. There’s additionally an idol of goddess Annapurna here among idols of Mahasaraswati and Mahalaxmi.

3. Jantar Mantar: Astronomical Observatory

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It is no wonder that the land, which turned into a middle of getting to know, homes an astronomical observatory. Jantar Mantar turned into built by using Raja Jai Singh in the 17th century. Being a wonderful pupil, Raja Jai Singh had written books almost about astronomy.

The units within the observatory had been made by means of Raja Jai Singh. It is interesting to notice that the perception held by using Hindu geographers about Ujjain being the location in which the first meridian passes through is authenticated by using present calculations wherein the tropic of most cancers is simply 3 km faraway from Ujjain. This probably became said to be the motive why Raja Jai Singh built an observatory right here.

4. Kaliadeh Palace: The Palace Of Serpents

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This cute palace is absolutely situated on an island at the Shipra river. It changed into constructed by mandu rulers within the 12 months 1458 advert.

There are plenty of Persian inscriptions internal this monument, there’s numerous Persian have an effect on the architectural fashion as well. As soon as Emperor Akbar and Jehangir additionally visited this beautiful palace. Now, with time the palace has to turn out to be dilapidated.

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